Antique 24k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Agate Pendant

$205.00 USD

Antique 24k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Agate Pendant

$205.00 USD

Antique Handmade Filigree Inlay 24k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Palace Museum Style Agate Pendant

This is a Gold-plated sterling silver metal pandent with flower patten by palace restoring ancient ways.

Inlay material: silver inlaid with gold

gems colour: red

size: 41mmx37mm

weight: 11.16 g

This pendant was made by the master of intangible cultural heritage.

Technique: Handmade Filigree. 0.27 mm Silver strands are coiled together creating an intricate and beautiful pattern and then go through enamel firing process.

The ancient art of Eastern filigree is much more labor intensive than European cast designs but the effort is repaid by the delicate brilliance of the myriad strands reflecting light in fine patterns. Filigree is part of intangible cultural heritage, according to UNESCO.

Filigree art originated in the Warring States Period in China (475-221 BC).

Filigree Inlay art still survives in a few small workshops in China.

When the forbidden city culture coalesce fine traditional filigree jewellers with trendy elements, an extraordinary gift is presented to the fashion industry of the world.

Any type of art can be kept alive only when it can breathe on its own!

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