Bling Powder FAICCIA Single Eyeshadow

€6,95 EUR

Colors to select

01# Cowgirl Color 02# Weaver Color 03# Moonstone 04# Ice Gray Clay 05# Heart-Throbbing Peach Tea

Bling Powder FAICCIA Single Eyeshadow

€6,95 EUR

Colors to select

01# Cowgirl Color 02# Weaver Color 03# Moonstone 04# Ice Gray Clay 05# Heart-Throbbing Peach Tea


01# Cowgirl Color, 02# Weaver Color, 03# Moonstone, 04# Ice Gray Clay, 05# Heart-Throbbing Peach Tea

Characteristics of the colors: 

01# Cowgirl Color:

The epitome of classics, YYDS needs no further introduction! A must-have when going out, the dazzling galaxy shattered diamonds truly live up to their name! They sparkle brilliantly, especially under lights, resembling a DISCOBALL with scattered silver diamonds. Applied on the eyes, it gives off a dewy and ethereal vibe. The faint champagne undertone doesn't interfere with layering. The fully transparent acrylic case also has a better texture than I imagined!

02# Weaver Color: 

Transparent Monochrome Bright Eyeshadow Collection, Clear with Fine Sparkles! Easily layered for a beautiful effect! It's hard to capture its full brilliance with a camera, it's the kind of sparkle that can't be hidden even at night. It feels like it could glow on its own without any additional light.

03# Moonstone:

Moonstone is incredibly versatile. Just a touch on the eyelids immediately adds a shimmering effect! It elevates ordinary daily eyeshadows to another level. It's not just your typical glitter, but rather a delicate yet dazzling sparkle. I'm absolutely in love with Moonstone - it's like magical eyeshadow, perfect for any occasion! Isn't it just the ultimate versatile gem in your makeup kit?

04# Ice Gray Clay:

The eyeshadow has a texture similar to mashed potatoes, which is interesting to press and feels comfortable to the touch. I particularly like this texture. It's a translucent and sparkling eyeshadow. Layering it over any color looks great. The key is that it's really shiny and lovely, whether in natural light or under artificial lighting!

05# Heart-Throbbing Peach Tea

Absolutely stunning... My ex cried and said they love you just by looking at it! This peach oolong tea shade is truly exceptional... The base color is a peachy brown with a hint of shimmer, but the color is very sheer! It's even more gentle and brightening than previous peachy browns—calling it peach tea color is more accurate! You don't need to layer it, just a direct application looks this beautiful!!! Guaranteed to make your ex cry and say they love you!! No skills needed, just casually dab with your fingers a couple of times! Absolutely gorgeous with its light brown peachy color and rainbow gold shimmer, whether applied individually or layered! It's so refreshing! The eyeshadow has a soft, dewy texture that's perfect for the eyelids and inner corners, like something only fairies possess!

Features: Easy to Wear,Long-lasting, Waterproof / Water-Resistant

Expiry: In 36 months

Type: Eye Shadow

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